In my world, there are two kinds of people; there are the stories and the storytellers. I do what I can to be the best storyteller that I can possibly be.

Gustavo Alfaro is an award winning photographer whose work from several different genres has been published internationally.  Since he purchased his first camera from a friend more than 10 years ago, he has worked with and sought out help and guidance from some of the best photographers that the country has to offer.

His work has been showcased in newspapers, featured on commercial websites, published in national and international magazines for both photographers and the consumer alike, and he has even worked in tandem with one of the biggest names in the bridal industry, David’s Bridal.

When asked to describe his work Gustavo shrugs and simply says, “I’d like to think that my photography is an extension of the people in front of my camera.  They become my friends and family more than clients.  I try my best to make them comfortable and at ease.  I hope the images we create shows that.”

Gustavo approaches each session with an editorial photographer’s mindset and looks for the most creative and “epic” shot possible.  He is constantly trying to make his friends feel like the stars that they are, but don’t take our word for it.  Contact him and see for yourself!