Frequently Asked Questions



The deadline for pre-order is August 7th, 2021 at midnight.

The deadline for final purchases must be made by August 14th, 2021at 5pm.

Any orders made after the final purchase deadline MUST be made via email and paid via paypal to [email protected] and will incur a $15 additional charge.

2What is a digital background?
Digital backgrounds are special effects and custom build ups that the players are placed on. These include smoke, fire, dust, etc that can surround the player and make the images look more epic and awesome.

3Do I have to get a digital background?
Nope! If you do not choose digital background your image will come with a shot of the field/bleachers behind your player.
4Do you take checks?
Yes, but only on the day of the shoot. If you pay in check no digital images will be delivered until the check clears.
5Do the prices include sales tax?
No! Prices listed do not include sales tax unless otherwise specified. If you order online it will be automatically calculated. If you send a physical check on photo day you must send the full amount with sales tax included. If you do not you will receive and email explaining and your order will be canceled in favor for an online order. Your check will not be cashed.
6When will I get my images?
Most of the time it takes 2-3 weeks at most to have the images delivered. It really depends on the number of players that make orders. We edit, extract, and build each custom background and image by hand to make sure everything looks perfect. Please bear with the longer wait times.
7Will there be proofs?
There will be proofs afterwards in a special link for your team. This order form will be shut down and you may make your purchases through that page. Due to software limitations packages may not be available and only a-la-carte images may be available.
8I want digital images!
If you would like to have digital images to both print AND post online you should purchase the digital package. Low res digital images will be added to the proofing gallery for posting online, but will have a logo and will not be print ready.
9How will I get my images?
All individual digital images will be sent to the email address that you enter for your payment information upon purchase. All print images will be sent to a single point of contact on the team and then delivered to the players.
10How many photos do you take of my child?
Our goal is to keep things as streamlined and as simple as possible. As a result we shoot for 1 image per player. The only exception to this is the digital package.
11Who selects the pose?
The pose is selected by the parent and the player BEFORE the shooting time and should be ready to go by the time the player steps in front of the camera. Gustavo will give a few suggestions if they do not have a pose, but we suggest that you discuss this before the photo day so all parties are satisfied with their shots.