What is the model Program?

The model program is portfolio and brand promotion program that allows students that are NOT seniors in high school to gain experience in modeling with an agency approved and experienced photographer.

These images will also be used to build a brand and presence that helps promote Gustavo Alfaro Photography to future clients. In exchange for the usage of the images, this program has been implemented to benefit everyone with only a minimal investment. Unlike the senior rep program, this particular program is NOT exclusive to any one school, class, or age group.

It includes sessions worth over $500 each, free social media images to post online, and a creative and fun experience with a internationally published athletic and beauty photographer.

What is beauty modeling?

Beauty modeling, unlike other forms of modeling, focuses the attention of the on the beauty of the subject. Most times unlike fashion, the wardrobe is pretty nondescript and doesn’t take attention away from the model. The model is the focus.

It can require a lot of makeup or minimal makeup depending on the concept. It is often considered to the be the hardest form of modeling because the model has to translate body language, emotions, and impact through the face.

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Spaces are limited so be sure to contact us ASAP to reserve your spot!

What is included?

  • 3 modeling shoots ($1099 value)
  • 3-6 social media images with logo to post online ($600 value)
  • Discounts on all print products
  • 2 hours of shooting time for each shoot
  • Discounted hair and makeup session ($225 value)

Can we buy packages of prints?

Yes! Packages price depends on selection offered by vendors at the time that you sign the agreement. Packages are potentially 100% free if you decide to move into a model rep program for your school. Each school has a different number of reps so if you’re interested in continuing your shoots, please ask abut this opportunity!

How Exclusive is this Offer?

We’re only taking 3-5 ladies for this opportunity. Once the offer is in place and each person is selected, unless someone drops form the group, no one else will be selected.

It is best to consider this a model “training” opportunity. Each shoot will bring detailed and focused tips, tricks, and other info to each potential model. So by the time you’re done, the goal is to have a great start to a portfolio as well as give you experience the beginning stages of the modeling and photography world.

There is a deadline for the signups. It is Jan 31st 2017. For anyone wanting to participate in this program this is the cutoff date.

Can I use these for professional model portfolio building?

Absolutely. Gustavo is agency approved by multiple agencies in Kentucky and New York and can give you guidance to submit and use your images.

What about senior sessions? Will this count toward that?

If you choose to work with Gustavo for your senior session, after this program is complete, your senior session will be discounted as well as print packages. By that time we would hope to work with you on many different ideas and concepts and give you something truly unique to you for your senior year!

Contact Us For More Info!

Spaces are limited so be sure to contact us ASAP to reserve your spot!