You're probably going to have a ton of questions and that's fine! I did post a few of the more popular ones below though! So be sure to check them out and bring a ton more to the interview!
1Where do you usually do your shoots?
Anywhere really. I've shot in several cities in KY, TN, OH, and IN. I'll go anywhere you want me to go!

Sometimes, for some shoots, we can do a shoot in the studio and make some composite stuff happen. Most of the time though, we do it on location so we are more organic and get a more realistic feel to the images!
2What about hair and makeup?
Yep! We have it! We can do it for ya. No problem at all. It's a minimal cost and the team that we have on call is AMAZING! Most of the ladies you see here on the site are pretty amazing at what they do!
3Is there a cost to be a Rep for you?
Good question! Yes, there is a minimal cost, however the pay off is HUGE (tons of FREE prints, freebie shoots, chances to earn money, opportunities to earn referrals for working events, and much more). However, because of these freebies we offer limited positions with schools around the state. So be sure to get a heard start and contact us now!

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4I'm an athlete. What about my requirements?
GREAT! I need more athletes! I'm always taking athletes and I always work around schedules as much as possible. Schedule an interview soon and we'll go over details!
5How old do I have to be?
All reps need to be at least a Sophomore (incoming Junior) or Junior (incoming Senior) to be a part of the program.
6Is there a contract? I heard there's a contract.
There is a legally binding contract to be signed, yes. Schedule a meeting and we will go over everything!
7What about cost?
There is a minimal cost, yes. How minimal? Not very much at all and it really all depends you and how you want to go about your particular agreement. :). So lets sit down and talk about it all!

What People are Saying

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  • Shonda M
    My daughter has been working with Gustavo for several months.  She has done several different types of photo shoots with him. They have done boosted her confidence and self esteem.  Gustavo has been a professional through and through.  I would recommend him and his services for your photography needs!
    Shonda M
  • Kristen M
    Working with Gustavo has definitely helped me become more out going. I’m constantly learning new things with him and I’m extremely proud of the work i put out. Gustavo is the best!!
    Kristen M
  • Amy J
    Gustavo was very professional and easy to work with. My daughter was very nervous when they started the shoot but he took time out giving her pointers and making her feel comfortable. The moments he captured were UNBELIEVABLE!!
    Amy J